7 Day Itinerary in Munich

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The city of Munich is a tourism hotspot and captures perfectly the German culture, tradition, natural resources, and breathtaking scenery of the nation.

Day 1 - Marienplatz

Here, you'll find fully displayed particular architectural designs that capture the essence of Munich. The Gothic art depicts gargoyles on top of the town hall.

Day 2 - Museums

Munich features a plethora of art and historic museums. One such museum was converted from a palace in which the Bavarian monarchs ruled from the early 1300s.

Day 4 - Beer Tasting

Munich is noted for its excellent beers. Therefore, as part of the tradition, there are a number of beer gardens in which the individual can enjoy a frothy beverage. 

Day 5 - BMW

Visit the BMW factory and museum. Even you don't own a BMW, you're bound to be intrigued by the history and art of  "the ultimate driving machine" and the evolution of this auto dynasty.

Day 6 - Enjoy the Alps

Take time to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alps, the various castles that adorn the countryside and the impressive and inspirational artistry of the natural lakes that are formed.  

Day 7 - Visit Dachua

A city that was once know for its artistry, but now is clothed with the heavy veil of the horrors experienced at this World War II concentration camp. A visit to this place is both enlightening and sobering.

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