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The city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is two specific cities that were combined as one city in 1935 under the mandate of Adolf Hitler. The purpose of this action was to persuade the International Olympic Committee that the city was large enough to accommodate the influx of Olympians and visitors to watch the 1936 Winter Olympics.

This successful endeavor brought the 1936 Winter Olympics to these twin cities and since then, the two cities have remained as one. Specifically, the cities of Garmisch-Partenkirchen are in southern Germany and lie south of Munich and north of Innsbruck. They are located at the base of the Bavaria Alps.

There are many ways that the tourist can travel to this shopping mecca or to the slopes for skiing. One of the best ways is to take one of the hourly trains from Munich and travel by rail to the city. There are 20 trains that leave the station on any given day. Generally, this trip takes a little over an hour to reach the destination of these combined cities.  

The traveler has other options of reaching this marvelous destination. One of those ways to travel would be to utilize the services of a tour bus or to rent a vehicle.  Generally the road that is used, from Munich, would be the A-95 which would take the traveler roughly an hour and 20 minutes.  If traveling from the Innsbruck airport the traveler would take A-12 west.

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