Festivals in Garmisch-partenkirchen

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Bavaria offers the best Garmisch-Partenkirchen Festivals that can be found. Whether the visitor stumbles upon one in full swing or deliberately plans to visit one, Garmisch-Partenkirchen Festivals are sure to leave the visitor reeling with breathlessness.

Garmisch Folklore Week

This festival runs from late July to early August. It is the highlight of the year and is greeted as such with citizens of each town dressing in the town's unique dress and hosting parades in the streets with musical entertainment and a festive spirit. Enjoy the festivities of the local culture with plenty of beer and local and regional foods.

Richard Strauss Festival

Celebrate the life of the famous composer with musicians from all over the world who come to pay tribute. Richard Strauss, born in 1864 in Munich, lived a life dedicated to music. He wrote his first piece at the age of 6. His ability to compose led him through different genres including Tone Poems and Operas. Strauss was appointed president of the State Music Bureau by Joseph Goebbels.

BMW Biker Meeting

Motorcycle riders from all over the world go to Garmish to attend this week long meeting. Enjoy racing events, shopping, rides, stunt shows and fashion shows. Get some driver training, take a motorcycle ride for free, and attend bonfires or the Enduro Park for off-road rides. Plenty of booths are set up selling crafts and accessories as well as food and beer. If you are a BMW motorbike enthusiast, this is the event for you. Be sure to make it to this event at the opening so that you can watch the long line of motorcycles as they parade their way through.

The Christmas Market

No matter where the traveler goes in Germany in December, they are bound to run into a Christmas market. Treat yourself and your family to a memory that will last throughout a lifetime and explore Christmas, German style. Open air booths offer fabulous handcrafted toys and decorations as well as food and drink that will warm the heart. Take a journey through the fairytale winter landscape and delight in the colorful lights and sounds of Christmas carols being sung.

"Festwochen" Festival

The Festwochen Festival, held in July and August, includes competitions such as stone lifting, whip-crackers and traditional folk dance. This festival starts with the firing of small cannons. It is definitely a festival you will get a bang out of, as you enjoy dancing, drinking and as always, good food.

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