Bamberg Travel Guide

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Little Venice

Little Venice


If you want to see the history of Franconia and the South of Germany, Bamberg still lives it. Never destroyed, the city has the same face than during the 30 years war.

In the 10th century the capital of the Holy Roman Emipre and called a second Rome, later one of the franconian prince bishoprics and today a little, quiet city in the north of Bavaria, Bamberg has its own charme, especially for the historical interested.

Next to historical buildings, a beautiful cathedral and an old city hall in the middle of the river (Regnitz) you find 10,000 students using the historical monuments for a liberal arts education and guests can experience the culture of Franconia.

Bamberg is famous for his smoked beer, a very special taste in beer. And for everybody who does not like the smoked beer: Bamberg is world leader in brewing beer. In the city itself are 9 Breweries with lots of different kinds of beer, in the countryside around are supposed to be over 300 different breweries. Every mile you can taste a new kind of beer.

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