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Ansbach is a beautiful walled town in south Germany. It's symbol is 3 trout in a stream on a sheild. you can see these trout from the bridge outside the walls that span the stream.Ansbach is a beautiful town , that is well worth the visit. In 1989 there was a restaurant there named "ludwigstuben". it served incredible Italian food and had great service. - (Still there but a much better Italian place is on MaxillianStarsse before the train tracks. Try the pizza). - It is up on the hill near the Barton Kaserne and I highly recommend it.
I had the priviledge of living in Ansbach in 1982 and it is a time in my life I will never forget.The people are wonderful! GruessGott mein freunden!
Mark Wadsworth

There's a lot of sites still around that are worth visiting. #1 is Prinzregent  on the corner of Kasernendamm and Residenz Strasse near the Mall. The owner, Qweetchie is a cool guy. The Pub/Restaraunt has some great intl eats and drinks and an interesting vibe takes place. There is/was a cool Brit Pub in the same bldg. If you're actually gonna be in Ansbach - its very near the Taubertal Music Fest in Summer in Rothenburg. Well worth scouting out - The Cure - Heather Nova. In Ansbach walk in the pedestrian zone Altstadt and discover all the unique - and common - shops. Rent DVD s and talk English at the H&R Block/Video Rental Place on the main road right before the army base. And keep driving on that road 50 miles to Nurnburg - another worthwhile trip.
the dave - (HI Maria, Julia, Qweetch, Randy, Robert, Seehund...)

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