Lake constance Travel Guide

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Lake Constance from Konstanz

Lake Constance from Konstanz


Here is a brief Lake Constance travel guide for tourists who plan to visit this lake on the Rhine. Located towards the northern foot of the Alps, this freshwater lake is the third largest in Central Europe. Lake Constance includes 3 bodies of water; the Seerhein, a connecting part of the Rhine, the Obersee which is the upper lake and the Untersee which is the lower lake.


Lake Constance is situated 395 meters above sea level in three different countries; Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The circumference of the lakes measures approximately 273 km. Of this, 28 km of the eastern part belongs to Austria, 72 km of its southern portion belongs to Switzerland and the remaining 173 km to the west and north belongs to Germany. It measures 63 km in length and covers a total area of around 571 km. At its widest point, Lake Constance is approximately 14 km and its greatest depth measures 252 meters.


It is believed that Lake Constance was formed during the ice age by the Rhine Glacier. It was first mentioned in around 43 AD by Pomponius Mela, a Roman geographer. According to records, this lake is said to have been frozen from time to time between 1077 and 1963. On certain occasions, it was frozen only partially and on others, completely. Studies conducted on Lake Constance show that the Dornbirner Ache, Bregenzer Ache and the Rhine carry sediments to the lake from the Alps. This has caused the gradual reduction of the depth of the lake on southeastern portion.

Importance of Lake Constance

The Rhine flows into Lake Constance from the southeast, first through the Obersee, making its way through the city of Konstanz and then to the Untersee. It finally flows out near Rhein and Stein. This makes Lake Constance an important source of fresh water to many of Germany’s southern cities. The lake also plays a significant role in fishing as it provides tons of fish every year.

Tourist Information

Lake Constance is an ideal tourist destination as it offers a picturesque and relaxing backdrop with serene waters and a breathtaking view of the Swiss snow-capped peaks. In addition to this, the lake is also ideal for tourists looking for some action as the course offers visitors water sports, hiking and cycling opportunities. The best time to visit Lake Constance is during April and May when fruit trees are in bloom. Summers are humid, but the waters are ideal for swimming. The area is most crowded in July and August and tourists are advised to stay away from the lake during stormy weather as it can become dangerous with large waves crashing the shoreline.

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