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Freiburg im Breisgau is situated in the Black Forest in the southwestern part of Germany in the immediate vicinity of France and Switzerland. The town covers 15,300 hectares, and is spread over an area of 20 km from east to west and 18 km from north to south. The Rhine is only 3 km away from the town's western limit. The pleasant climate of the area makes the town well-known for being one of the warmest places in Germany.

In 1994, the town's population reached 198,000 inhabitants (compared with 154,000 in 1961). Freiburg is among the most popular university towns in Germany and thus has a large student population of 24,000.

If you are interested in local customs, don’t miss out Carneval as Freiburg is one of the few places in Germany where it is traditionally celebrated in an impressive way with people being disguised, dancing in the streets and bars around the town. Freiburg is not renowned in terms of travel matters; it is mostly a starting point for exploring the Black Forest.

Other Freiburg notables

Freiburg is within an hour by train to both France (e.g. Strasbourg) and Switzerland (say, Basel)

Freiburg im Breisgau is not to be confused with the Swiss -- and French-speaking -- Fribourg, its namesake.

Freiburg is renowned for its "Bächle", tiny streams of water spreading throughout the city and running along the sides of many streets and alleys.

Freiburg is also known for its magnificent cathedral, an excellent example of late gothic architecture. The view from the bell-tower is over 10 km on a clear day.


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