Top 5 Must Do's in Georgia

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It is best to create a list of Georgia must do’s before you visit the country. Georgia is a small country in the Eastern Europe and it has had a colorful past, including a tempestuous relationship with Russia, as it was part of the former Soviet Union.

1. Visit Narikala

The first of the Georgia must-do’s is to take a visit to this historical, 4th century castle. It has been built smartly into the side of a steep hill in order to look over the Georgian town of Tbilisi, the capital city. Additionally, beneath the castle is the attractive structure of St Nicholas Church. A visit to the area could also take in the nearby botanical gardens and it is also a good way of getting a good view of the city below.

2. Explore the Site of Dmanisi

In the southwest of Narikala is the old archaeological site, Dmanisi. The foundations of many of the historical buildings in this village are still clearly visible and give a reasonably good indication of the former layout. The town was at one time, many years ago, a major commercial region. The site was uncovered in the 20th century, during which time an impressive number of different items were unearthed.

3. Enjoy Borjomi – Kharagauli National Park

While Georgia is a small country, this national park is actually one of the largest in Europe. It covers approximately one percent of Georgia and the ecosystem enclosed within means that it is one of the most important Georgia must-do’s. Visit this area for a vast array of different walks and scenery. It is also home to many different types of plants, flowers and species of animals.

4. Check David Gareja

This monastery site is located in eastern Georgia and it should be noted that it has been subject to ownership disputes with the neighboring country of Azerbaijan. Sixth-century monks built the monastery complex by hollowing out the side of the rock face. These have been well-preserved so that most of the different living quarters, churches and chapels are easily identifiable. The different chambers extend well up the side of the hills.

5. Pray in Alaverdi Church

This is another example of the quality architecture and rich history which is evident across the country of Georgia. This particular church was built near the Alazani Valley during the 11th century. It is a tall building--over 50 meters high--with a distinctively shaped tower and is in excellent condition.

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