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Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgosali and Mother Georgia overlook Tbilisi

Statue of King Vakhtang Gorgosali and Mother Georgia overlook Tbilisi

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Tourists visiting Tbilisi should read this brief Tbilisi travel guide before they visit the capital and largest city in Georgia. Tbilisi is the economic, social, political and cultural hub of Georgia that offers a lot of excitement and entertainment for locals and tourists. The city was founded in the 5 th century by Georgian King, Vakhtang Gorgasali and was made the capital of the country in the 6 th century. The city was originally called Tiflis until 1936 when the name was changed to Tbilisi which means warm spring.


Tbilisi has a varied demographics and history as it has been home to different religions, ethnicities and cultures. Due to this, the architecture of the city is varied with neo-classical, Russian, Middle Eastern and Byzantine architectural styles. One can see a pleasant blend of architecture between the downtown and Haussmannized Rustaveli Avenue and narrow streets from Narikala, a medieval district. Although the city has a large population of orthodox Christians, you’ll find a mosque and synagogue located right next to each other. Located not far from these are Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Churches. This displays the level of religious tolerance in the city.

Tourist Sights

As Tbilisi has a rich history and culture, there are many different landmarks and sights tourists can enjoy. These include the Narikala fortress, Sioni Cathedral, Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, Vorontsov’s Palace, the Sameba Cathedral, museums and many other important places. Besides these, tourists can participate in a number of activities to get an authentic experience of the city. The Sulfur Baths, where tourists can try public or private baths is a worthwhile experience.

Tourist Facilities

Tbilisi is a decent tourist destination to visit, thanks to the many hotels, bars and restaurants in the city. Whether you are looking for the cheapest accommodation and eateries or luxurious ones, you will find them in the city. There are different cuisines available in most restaurants along with cafes that serve lights snacks and a range of coffees. Even the nightlife in the city is quite vibrant as there are numerous clubs where tourists can unwind with a few drinks and even shake a leg.

In recent times, Tbilisi has emerged as a significant transit route for trade projects and global energy as it is strategically located at crossroads between Asia and Europe. Tourism is also rapidly developing in the city as it is introducing more options for eating and accommodation. Tbilisi is also improving its nightlife and cultural scene by introducing new building projects like leisure facilities, shopping malls and 5 star hotels.


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