Practical Information in Georgia

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Georgia practical information assists the tourists in their trips to Georgia. This information gives them travel ideas. It acts as the comprehensive guide for all tourists who visit to Georgia.


The official currency for Georgia is Lari.


The official language for Georgia is Georgian. It is the primary language for 4 million (83 percent of the population). Russia is also spoken in the area of Abkhazia.


Georgia is famous for its traditional music, theater, cinema, folklore and arts. The people of Georgia are known for their love, music, dance and cinema.

Geography and Climate

Georgia is bordered by Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the Black Sea.
Its spring and fall are warm; summer can be hot. Snowfall during winter months can close roads in the areas near the Russian border.



The country uses produce it grows in its cuisine. Cucumbers, tomatoes, and other Mediterranean climate foods are incorporated in their foods. Walnuts are utilized in many dishes. The Telavi Valley is noted for its wines and the area near Gori is famous for its apple orchards that grow various types of apples used in desserts. 

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The local currency is the Georgia Lari (GEL)

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