Mtskheta Travel Guide

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Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, is one of the most interesting historic towns in Georgia. The main attraction in town is the cathedral of Sveti-Tskhoveli ("life-giving column built in 1010-1029).

Mtskheta is just 25 km from Tbilisi and can be seen on a daytrip.

Legend has it that the robe that Jesus wore during his crucifcation was brought here by a jew. For some reason, his sister tried it on and died immediately. It turned out to be impossible to get the robe off the dead woman, so they burried her with the robe. From the grave a tree sprung. Later, when builders tried to cut the tree, it would not fall. Saint Nino to whom the oldest church here is dedicated, prayed and the tree was healed again. Inside you will find a symbolic replica of the Holy Sepulchre church found in Jerusalem.  Not only that, a healing oil started to flow from the tree. Around the churches, you can still find old ladies selling flowers and little bottles of oil, to be placed on the graves.


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