Gonio Travel Guide

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Located just a few kilometers south of Batumi, Gonio has one sight worth visiting, the old Roman Byzantine fort - Gonio-Apsaros. One of Christ's Apostles, St. Matthias, is buried inside. It's impressive by it sheer size and antiquity. There is much to experience inside as you walk the land among the ancient ruins. The outer walls date from the 1st century AD, while the archeological layers date from the 8-7th century BC.

If you do, don't go too early since the guy with the tickets doesn't get out of bed very early. He lives in one of the buildings just opposite the fort and there is always someone willing to wake him up for you. The guide doesn't do much talking and only speaks some Russian (and Kartuli).

The road continues to the border at Sarpi from where you can cross into Turkey. Frequent minibuses (no. 142). 

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