Getting Around in Georgia

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If you are visiting Georgia, transportation is not much of a problem, as the country has a well developed transport system. There are different modes of transport you can choose from to make your way to different cities and even remote areas.

City Buses

The capital city of Tbilisi has new buses which tourists can use to travel in and around the city. These buses don’t have air conditioning, but they are fairly comfortable, and they are the cheapest way to travel. It costs about 40 tetri, which is less than $1 for a short trip. However tourists should be aware that city buses operating outside Tbilisi and in the countryside are mostly slow and old.


Also known as marshrutki in the local language, these minibuses operate on established routes. Tourists need to first find out the number of their route and then flag down the minibus on the right street. These minibuses also operate from city to city, and routes usually end at city markets or bus stations. Signs on the front window of the bus have destinations written in Georgian. If you can’t find the bus you need, you can ask another minibus driver.


This is probably the most convenient mode of transport in the country because it is comfortable and cheap. Most trips within cities cost about $2- $4, depending on the distance. However, you can also negotiate the fare with the driver, but this should be done before getting into the taxi. Most of the taxis in Georgia are unofficial and known as gypsy taxis. These driven by anyone looking to make some money. Even the unmarked taxi service here is relatively safe for tourists.

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