Economy in Georgia

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 Georgia's economy has  revolved around Black Sea tourism; cultivation of

 citrus fruits tea and grapes; mining of manganese and copper; and output

of a small industrial sector producing wine metals machinery chemicals and

textiles. The country imports the bulk of its energy needs including natural

 gas and oil products. Its only sizable internal energy resource is

hydropower. Despite the severe damage the economy has suffered due to

 civil strife Georgia with the help of the IMF and World Bank has made

substantial economic gains in 1995-97 increasing GDP growth and slashing

inflation. Georgia still suffers from energy shortages although energy

 deliveries are steadily improving. Georgia is pinning its hopes for long-

term recovery on the development of an international transportation

corridor through the key Black Sea ports of P'ot'i and Bat'umi.The

 construction of a Caspian oil pipeline through Georgia—scheduled to open

 in early 1999—should spur greater western investment in the economy.

 A growing trade deficit continuing problems with corruption and political

uncertainties cloud the short-term economic picture. It grows a lot of crops.

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