Budget Travel Ideas in Georgia

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Save your bank account from getting butchered by focusing on a Georgia Budget Travel plan. Georgia is a fabulous travel destination, and a great way to experience the European lifestyle. Not all European vacations need to be expensive, find out how to execute a budget travel itinerary to Georgia.
Getting There

No matter where you are, one of the golden rules of traveling is to set out from the main or large airports in your country. These airports are sure to have more number of low cost carriers into Georgia. If you are below 26 years of age you will be able to avail students discounts. Make it a point to book in advance, as the airline have special discount fares for the early birds. The Georgian Airways has its base in Tbilisi and flies connects various routes in Europe, Asia and the Middle Eat. The Georgian Airways is a perfect option for budget traveler.

Where to Stay

The hotels from the Soviet times are still operational in most of the cities in Georgia. These hotels for the most part are occupied by refugees from that period. An exceptions to this case would be the Hotel Iveria in the city of Tbilisi. The new hotels in Georgia will cost you around $50 for one night. The most preferred option amongst budget travelers is the home stay. There are several families that welcome tourists into their homes and charge a nominal amount ranging from 5 to 10 dollars for one nights and an extra $5 for food.
Getting Around

An economical way to travel within Georgia is to take the local taxis. For example, traveling within Tbilisi will cost you around 3 or 4 lari, of course that also depends on the distance traveled. But get your haggling skills in place, as the taxi drivers try to get more money from tourists. The mini buses are also a cost effective way to travel in Georgia, the signage will be in Georgian so make sure to ask the driver before you step in.

Eating Out

If you wish to snack in between meals then head to one of the food stalls on the street. The favorite snack is called the pirozhki - a pastry stuffed with potato or meat. They also have international dishes like pizzas and hamburgers, which are extremely cheap. Food here doesn't cost a lot. Their main focus is on salads and cheese. The barbecued meat called shashlik, are quite a treat. The local dumplings are called the khinkali.


From monasteries to modern architecture, Georgia has quiet a history. Museums, magnificent landscapes and mountains make for a great sightseeing trip, specially if you are on a tight budget.

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Saving money for travel

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starting from 2012 all travelers can save up to 30% of their travel expenses. Country has many beautiful and interesting places to visit, joining Georgia group tours you will discover most of highlights and also taste famous local wine. Departure dates are:  
May 2 – May 9
June 20 – June 27
July 18 – July 25
August 22 – August 29
September 19 – September 26

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