Beaches in Georgia

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Georgia beaches are bound by the famous Black Sea on its west coast. Each of Georgia's beaches offer a number of activities ranging from dolphin watching, climbing lighthouses, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and scuba diving. Most of them are secluded beaches and make an ideal holiday destination for honeymooners and families alike. Here are some good beaches to visit when traveling to Georgia.


The resort and port city of Batumi on Georgia's west coast enjoys a warm semitropical climate against the backdrop of picturesque, misty hills near the border of Turkey. Tourists from Georgia and around the world, gather here to enjoy this beach area. Visitors will find a good number of hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs here. Besides hitting the beach, you can also walk around the quaint city, which is abundant in charming houses and elegant architecture.


The beach zone of Sukhumi is also located on Georgia's west coast and is the capital of Abkhazia. Incidentally, in the Abkhaz language, the city of Sukhumi is known as Aqua, or water. Sukhumi is a popular holiday resort destination and has come to be known for its beaches and mineral water spas. The Black Sea borders the beach's coast and sees a number of visitors annually.


Pori is a small port city on Georgia's west coast which houses the beach resort area of Maltakva. One can choose to stay at the Maltakva Resort Hotel when here, a hotel that is decently priced. You'll be able to visit a number of bars and cafes besides enjoying time on the sunny beach.


This 12 km sandy beach region sees multitudes of families visiting during the high season, which runs from July through September. All of the hotels and guesthouses are located on the beach, so it's a good idea to book in advance. The beach itself is most often crowded during high season, but it is beautiful, sunny and covered in shallow sand. Along the entire beach one can see pinewood trees.


Ureki is known globally for its famous magnetic sand beaches, the sand of which is particularly helpful in curing various chronic diseases. The beach town of Ureki enjoys the sunny Georgian subtropical climate and has become a popular holiday destination in recent times.

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