Top 5 Must Do's in Batumi

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So, here are 5 Must Do's I would recommend each of you to do while visiting Adjara, Batumi. They might be biased cuz those are the places I personally like very much and would go around everytime I am in Batumi ( well, of course if time gives me the opportunity to do so) but I think you won't regret if you take chance and follow my advice. First thing you should definitely do while being in Batumi is getting around it. Batumi has the world's largest Boulevard. That's the place you should vistit undoubtably.It includes the seaside park which is one of the charms of the city. It was established in 1881. It stretches like a green line, along the seashore, to the north-west of Batumi. Its length has grown from its original 1500m to 7000m.Today you can meet holiday-makers, enjoying the scenery and the "velvet" warmth, in every season. As soon as you approach the Boulevard, you can slightly feel the salty breeze of the sea mixed with the aroma of centenarian pine-trees. A wonderful view is spread out before the spectator's eyes:three successive fountains flowing their streams joyfully. French dancing fountains have been functioning in the new section of the seaside park as well. Second very fascinating place to see is the Europes square and the Medea Statue. The Eurpoes square is arranged accoriding to the modern standarts but the Medea statue has been a topic of hot discussions in Batumi. In fact, it's very tall and alot of controversy has been going on around it. Though it does add something to the square. Makes it original and "cool" in a way. Something quite historycal and not as modern is the Old part of Batumi. With it's tiny roads, old houses- adds it's climate to the place. Makes it calmer and relaxing. It's like telling you it's history with the help those buildings. Something very new that was built in Batumi is the Piazza Square. It is an Italian architecture built at the begining of the 21st century. It is used for holding concerts and conferences at the same time. From far away it looks like a big tower and when you get closer you start noticing all those decorations and beautiful works that have been done to the place. There are some little cafes working as well, to please it's costumers and make their stay even more anjoyable. All the things I mentioned above are all very city pale like. If you want to see the grenery of the city, then you are mostly welcome to visit the Botanical garden, located 9 km north of Batumi. The area where it is located is called Mtsvane Kontskhi (Green Cape). The Botanical garden has no analogue in the world. Plants from compeletely diverse climatic and landscape zones co-exist side be side in there. And whats really astounding is that it has an amazing view of the beach. That's all for now, I hope this will help you in a way and I will try to continue to provide you with the information that will be useful and helpful for you.

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When you are in Batumi you should visit to mountains nearby it too. Qeda, Shuakhevi and Khulo are districts in highland Adjara where you can see a lot of interesting tourism destinations.Here is very nice nature, everything is green. people are very hospitable and they are doing everything cause you enjoy this trip. traditions and local culture makes everyone happy and satisfied. Nice waterfalls, old and new Cellars, fortresses, churches,the highest rope way in Europe, village Didachara, witch is the first holy place in Georgia and not only here, nomadic people, nature more..

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