Getting There in Batumi

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Apart from the usual marchrutny (shared taxis) and larger busses, there is also a twice daily train connecting Batumi with Tbilisi, leaving the latter at 9am and 9pm. The journey takes about ten hours, which makes the day train a bit of a waste of time; the night train is comfortable and at 7 US$ cheaper then most hotels.

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Railway Transport

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Railway provides passengers and cargo transfer within the country. Regular interurban (Batumi-Tbilisi) and suburban trips are carried out from the railway station situated in Makhinjauri. Daytime express train leaves at 8:50am from tbilisi and arrives at Makhinjauri at 15:35. Ticket price is 20 Gel. Night train leaves at 22:30 and reaches final destination at 06:30 next morning.Ticket price vary according to the type of the carriage.

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Sea Transport

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Batumi port is remarkable port of the country. It is naturally universal receiving and sending all types of sea vessels and serving passengers. Ferry service BAtumi-Ilychevsk (Ukraine)and Batumi- Constance (Romania)has been functioning since 1998.

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