Internet Cafes in Lille

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Lille is a mid-sized city located in Northern France that holds true to its industrial roots while branching out and becoming renowned for its culture. Lille is a classic French city that offers its visitors the unique view into the average life of French citizen without the touristy feel of Paris or Nice. Due to its large student population, Lille Internet Cafes and bars can be found throughout the city, though many have a fee for accessing the Internet.

Popular Internet Cafes

The Drugstore Cafe is a popular place for nightlife and wifi hot spots. In order to access the Internet at this location, you need to purchase something, and they serve a good cocktail. The Stand Up Cafe is another one of the Lille Internet Cafes located downtown. There is a fee for accessing the Internet at this location. In the immediate area are the Cyber Cafe Allo Monde, L'Appart'Cafe, and Le Razorback.

Au Carre Des Halles

Located right downtown Lille is a punk/metal bar that only allows people over the age of 18 to enter. This is not your typical Internet Cafe, the cyber bar caters to the university punk scene and is definitely worth checking out. So if you are visiting Lille and would like to surf the Internet, sport a pink mullet, and listen to Black Sabbath, this is the place for you.

Online Gaming

Artgamer is an all-purpose gaming shop for people of all ages. Their expertise ranges from the board game Warhammer to the younger generations' favorite, Pokeman. They also offer conventional Internet hookups through a PC loaded with Firefox and Open Office for any work you may need to do. But you won't be able to accomplish much with gaming titles such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft Broodwar (watch out for a Zerg rush) beckoning you from a 22-inch screen. Your Counterstrike game can be played through a LAN (Local Area Network) Party with your friends or over the Internet with complete strangers. Prices at Artgamer can be a bit high: 15 minutes = 0.75 Euro; 1 hour = 3 Euros, but the better deals seem to be with the 40- and 80-hour packages: 60 and 80 Euros, respectively. Unless you are just going to Artgamer to check your email, the larger packages are the best bang for your buck.

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