Perpignan Travel Guide

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Perpignan at Night

Perpignan at Night


Perpignan is the meeting point of all the routes which lead to the seaside, the mountains, and also all the other cultural environments such as churches, abbeys, Citadels, treasures of art etc. These are representations of ten centuries of history which makes this city a proof of the richness and the creativity of the Mediterranean civilization.

Magnificent monuments, such as the "Palais des Rois de Majorque", the Castillet, the "Loge de Mer" or the Campo Santo remind us that Perpignan has been covetted by Spain and France. Catalane in the heart, Perpignan expressses its difference in every way. Immortalized by Dali to make its train station the center of the world, Perpignan will seduce you by its exteme diversity. There are a lot of nice beaches in the near distance


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