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The beautiful town of Montpellier France is seated nicely on the sea, bringing warm weather and calm ocean breezes most days of the year. The crime rate in the town is low and overall Montpellier is considered quite safe. However, there are still some pieces of Montpellier practical information that tourists should know so they can further enjoy their stay.


Montpellier has its own international airport which makes access to the other European capitals quite easy. There are up to 5 flights per day to cities such as London and 4 flights per weeks to Madrid, Brussels and Copenhagen. Paris is highly accessible with 9 flights per day.


To see Montpellier and the surrounding regions, one of the easiest methods is via the France rail pass. These are available only to Non-European residents and allows tourists unlimited, second class travel throughout the country. The durations of time as well as the price vary. The France Rail Pass must be purchased out of the country.

The Montpellier City Card

To gain the most of what Montpellier has to offer, tourists are welcome to purchase the Montpellier City Card. This entitles the card holder to discounts at many of the city's main attractions. The cards can be purchased in the following increments, 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour. With the Montpellier City Card tourists can receive free admission to many of the city's museums, the zoo and bowling alley. They can also receive reductions on movie admission and the nature park. Current prices are 12 euros for the 24 hour pass, 19 euros for the 48 hour option and 25 for the 72 hour card.

Learn Some French Phrases

Although English should not be an issue with Montpellier being quite used to foreign tourists, they do appreciate the extra effort foreigners make when they at least try to speak French. It doesn't have to be perfect, but even simply asking for the time or saying bonjour will put you in good favor with the locals.

Clothing to Pack

Montpellier can get very warm in the spring and summer months. Light clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, swim wear, sunglass and sunscreen are a must. Pack one pair of jeans on the odd occasion that it might get cold. A few items of smart/casual clothing are recommended especially if you're planning on enjoying the Montpellier night life. The French tend to be slightly more formal when it comes to dress then the North Americans. In winter, Montpellier's weather is still quite mild. Warmer clothing such as jeans and a sweater will be needed. Make sure you take an umbrella because it will likely rain.

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