St Tropez Travel Guide

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Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez

If you look hard, you might still catch a glimpse of the old days. Especially when you walk you're way up to the citadelle, dating from the 16th century, and visit the tiny windy graveyard that faces the robust sea. And of course, St Tropez still has its small winding street, its discloured houses (either by the impact of the sea or the sun) with green shutters and aged men that play pétanque under the trees in the shade.

However, the harbour has turned into a parade of the jet set showing off how they like to squander their money on things that we used to call 'boats' in the old days. Always good for a laugh and then you can take your bottle of rosé and walk the pier to have some good views of both the harbour, the sea and the setting sun on St Tropez....

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