When to Go in Nice

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When planning a trip to Nice, when to go is a critical question. Since the coastal climate is relatively temperate for much of the year, there are more possibilities than for some other locations. One of the primary things to consider may be, "When does everyone else go?" Understanding the tourist trends in Nice may help you schedule your trip.


With average high temperatures between 11 degrees and 16 degrees C, the spring season may be a bit cool for some travelers but may be appealing to others for its slow pace.

The resorts which close for the winter open after Easter. Travelers should keep in mind the month of May has several religious holidays, and some attractions such as museums, may be closed.


The summer season is, by far, the busiest in Nice. Much of France takes holiday for the month of July or August, as do tourists from other countries, and the Mediterranean beaches fill up quickly during these months.

Some may enjoy visiting at the peak of Nice's high season. The city is more vibrant, and the nightlife is more lively. Others may find the crowds and busy restaurants to be excessive.

Planning a trip for June may take advantage of slightly off-season rates and the warmer weather. The attractions may also be enjoyed without crowds before the height of the season.

The average temperature during the summer months is between 20 degrees and 23 degrees C. July has the least amount of average precipitation during the year.


The months of October and November receive the most precipitation, particularly November. The temperatures remain reasonable from September's average of 20 degrees C to 12 degrees in November.

A fall visit may be best if planned for September or early October. The crowds will have left and the prices will have decreased, but the temperatures will still be pleasant. Travelers should understand some resorts begin to close during November.


The Nice Carnival celebration in mid-February brings tourists from around the world. It is called the "Mardi Gras of the Riviera" and consists of parades, performers, and a huge fireworks show over the Baie des Anges. For those who seek an opportunity to celebrate on the Riviera and who do not mind cooler temperatures of 8 degrees to 12 degrees C, a February visit may be of interest.

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