Top 5 Must Do's in Nice

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Nice is quintessentially French in character and is a stunning tapestry of the most vivid nuances of style, culture, dining and art along with an array of other classic attributes that have shaped the identity of this old fashioned yet chic hotspot. The Nice Must Do’s guide lists city’s best tourist attractions and activities.

1. Promenade Des Anglasis

Promenade Des Anglasis is a beautiful snapshot of the famous French Riviera and is a major tourist hub with holiday revelers perching themselves on its shore or biking around it. The beach side restaurants serve some of the yummiest fare in the region and the crepes sold by roadside vendors are to die for. For a more high end experience try the Chaise Lounge where personal butlers pamper you with mouth-melting appetizers and cocktails.

2. Time for some art and history

Visit the Nice Archeology Museum and Roman Ruins to catch breathtaking glimpses of ancient ruins of the roman empire. The museum boasts of a striking profile comprising of roman bathhouses and vintage artifacts along with a potpourri of other memorabilia. The Matisse Museum is a tribute of the genius of Henri Matisse, a celebrated French artist. The center houses several exquisite pieces of the artist’s early and contemporary work. Don’t forget to take home a print of Matisse’s art at the gift shop.

3. Cours Saleya Flower Market

This is one of the most aesthetically appeasing parts of the city and that should give visitors a fair idea of its appeal considering the stiff competition. Cours Saleya is dotted with quaint cafes and gift shops and is a visually stunning exhibition of beautiful flowers and creepers that are very popular buys with tourists. The flower market is operational from Tuesday to Sunday and transforms into an antiques market on Mondays.  

4. Charming Old Nice

Yo`u definitely can’t go to Nice and not visit Vieuxx Nice or the older section of the town. The region is filled with cozy street side shops and hip stores selling everything from souvenirs and wine to fashion attire and knickknacks.

5. Rue de France Pedestrian Zone

This is the most bustling and lively section of the town with gourmet restaurants, high-fashion boutiques, cafes and bookstores and even fancy street entertainers.

Nice has a robust French flavor and is a gorgeous amalgamation of class, culture and an inspiring, refined aesthetic appeal.   

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