Sights in Nice

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Nice sights include markets, historical attractions and museums. Nice is situated on the French Riviera and the area has a rich history. There are many historical attractions of interest and the museums offer an educational experience. Beach lovers can soak up the sun in Nice before enjoying a night out at one of the local bars. With the variety of activities on offer Nice has something for everyone.

Cours Selaya Flower Market

At Cours Selaya Flower Market the stalls are packed with colorful flowers and the smell of freshly cut flowers fills the air. Fruit and vegetables are also on sale. There are cafes surrounding the area where you can buy refreshments and take a break from the market. This is a good place to go for seafood. Alternatively you can browse through the shops which sell clothes, souvenirs and crafts. There are toilet facilities at the market. It is open Tuesday until Sunday in the morning until the afternoon. It is recommended to get to the market early in the morning. On Mondays, antiques and secondhand items are on sale.

Old Town

The old town is situated next to Cours Selaya Flower Market and walking through the alleyways you can explore the shops and food stalls. This is a vibrant area with bars, restaurants and night clubs. In the old town you can see attractions such as Cathedral de Ste-Reparate, Baroque Chapelle de l'Annonciation and Palais Lascaris.  Fennicchio Ice Cream Parlor is located in the old town and it is worth a visit to sample one of the renowned ice creams.

The Pedestrian Zone

The pedestrian zone is frequented by tourists and the area is lined with a variety of stalls. This is a good place to take a walk away from the traffic of the city or relax at one of the cafes.

Promenade des Angais

The promenade has hotels on 1 side and the beach on the other. You can go for a walk on the promenade and survey the scenery or go rollerblading.


Museum Massaena is an interesting museum that illustrates the history of Nice. It has recently been renovated and the building itself is remarkable. There are 23 rooms which have different displays. Outside are beautiful gardens where you can relax after walking the museum and taking in the exhibits. The Matisse Museum displays artwork from Matisse who once lived in Nice. The Museum of Modern Art is also worth a visit and showcases work by Warhol and Lichtenstein.

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Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas à Nice

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This is the most beautiful religious edifice of the Orthodoxy outside Russia and is the perfect expression of Russian religious art abroad. It dates from the belle époque, when some of the Romanovs and their entourage turned the Riviera into a stomping ground (everyone from grand dukes to ballerinas walked the promenade). The cathedral is richly ornamented and decorated with lots of icons. You'll easily spot the building from afar because of its collection of ornate onion-shaped domes. Church services are held on Sunday morning.

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