Shopping in Nice

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One of the major cities in France for choosing a vacation spot is Nice. Shopping is right up there with enjoying a day out at the beach or doing any of the other activities in Nice. The main streets and side venues are filled with people seeking to find that special bargain or just out looking at what is here.

Magenta Square for Fashion Clothes

Walking along the sidewalks and promenades is where you want to start. This is the place to be seen for those who want to be seen. Prominent people from many countries use Nice as their shopping place. All the newest fashions are on display here. Shopping here at the Magenta Square is virtually an art. Picking out the correct stores and purchasing just the right outerwear and underwear is just so, Chic. For you who like top-of-the line clothes, Rue Paradis and Rue de Suede house the best you can get. Yet not everyone can do this. So for those who like to have some cool shopping with a less dent in the purse there are places for you. Avenue Jean-Medecin is a great shopping mall that has many of the more well known outlets. Many other boutiques or stores along the side streets can offer bargains for you while you stroll through the city even if you have a tight budget.

Artwork and Crafts

The streets around the center section of the metropolis section of the city are filled with all kinds of artistic shops hosting anything from paintings to pottery and chocolates. Artists, both highly respected for their work and those just beginning, display their work. If you are a fan of artwork, this place is for you. In addition to the central location several other sites have specialties to showcase. Silk lampshades and hand-carved furniture are available at the Atelier Contre-Jour. While at the (flea market) Marche a la Brocante, antiques are on sale at the Cours Saleya marketplace on Monday nights.  

Cours Saleya

As you wander through this marketplace during the daytime you can see why so many people praise it for its beauty. Open-aired vendors have flowering plants for sale which sprout every color under the sun. Any kind of spices you could want are sold here. You will find huge succulent grapes and tasty olives being a favorite here in Nice. The market for produce begins in the early morning around 6 a.m. in the morning and continues until noontime. Other items available like mementos and souvenirs are usually available until 6 p.m. in the evening.


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