Practical Information in Nice

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The following Nice practical information will help you while visiting the city.


Nice enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. It experiences moderate rainfall which is concentrated in the months from September to March. July is the preferable month to visit Nice as temperatures remain constant at 20 degrees C and frequently reach 30 degrees C. Autumn starts in the month of September. Tourists who do not enjoy winters or extreme low temperatures should avoid visiting Nice during the month of December.


Nissart is the ancient local language of Nice. Almost all the local residents speak French. There a few people who understand English.


Euro is the official currency of Nice. You do not have to worry about carrying a lot of cash as there are several ATMs all over the city. Check with your bank well in advance as you might be charged for any cash withdrawals.


Visa requirements will vary on the basis of your country of origin. For instance, US citizens do not require a visa for traveling to France for a stay up to 90 days. Contact your passport and visa officer well in advance before embarking on your trip.


According to studies conducted by the INSE, Nice had a population of around 347,900 in 2005. Size wise, Nice is the fifth largest city in France. It is also the fifth most populous city in the country. The urban area of Nice has a total of around 933,080 inhabitants. The favorable climate has contributed to an increase in the population of the city. It is estimated that Nice had around 360,000 citizens in the year 2008 and the population is expected to reach 370,000 by the year 2012.

Cuisine and Accommodations

The food available in Nice is quite affordable. A baguette will cost around €4 to €6 which is indeed reasonable. You can get best deals in hotels situated in the port area while the hotels situated in Old Nice and along the sea front are slightly expensive. Lunch menus are comparatively cheaper and you can get 2 courses for €10 to €12. Several hotels are situated within walking distance of terminal 1 of the Nice Airport. However, these hotels are far away from the Nice center. New French hotels have been set up in the town region. Tourists can curb their budget by staying at a youth hostel. Mont-Boron, Les Camelias and Villa Saint Exupery are some of the popular hostels in Nice.


Nice is a lot safer compared to other cities in western countries. However, tourists should beware of pickpockets who operate in crowded places. Tourists should also beware of gangs which prey on beaches and steal unattended bags or other important materials. Report any such cases at the National Police Station of Nice.

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