Getting There in Nice

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When you have decided, like so many thousands of people, to spend your vacation time in Nice, Getting There is no problem at all. This beautiful resort area has been the playground for all sorts of royalty, celebrity and just the average traveler. This heavy traffic to this metropolitan city has established some efficient and stress free ways of getting there. The airport is the second-most-used in France and some railways use Nice as their destination, also. In addition it is always possible to travel by owned or rented vehicles. Train and railways are a favorite among visitors coming to this virtual paradise, especially if you want to see a lot more of France’s countryside.

Traveling By Airplane

Travelers arriving to the metropolitan area are primarily by plane. A pleasant attribute is the airport is only 4 km away from the center of the city. The Nice Airport has 2 huge terminals, each with 27 gates. The 27 gates are able to rotate arriving and departing flights at an astounding rate. Over 55 international and national airline companies use the airport to facilitate travelers from all over the world. Since the gateways are home to 70 destinations represented by 23 countries it is reasonably easy to get there even if you have to switch flights from your local airline company.

Arriving in Nice By Train or Bus

The second most-used means of coming into Nice is by train. Traveling by train has its own peculiar advantages for visitors. Riding on a train gives you the chance to observe the countryside of this fabulous country. A train ride also gives you the chance to interact with other travelers, which can be exciting. There are train routes going the Alps that could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you are bussing from Paris, Brussels or even as far as London the prices are reasonable. Rail Europe offers trips to Nice from many areas throughout the European countries. While in France TVG is the primary railway. The least used but still active method of getting here is by bus. Intercars is the main company for bus line transportation throughout the European countries. Plus, their fare is practical if you need to journey on a tight budget.  

Boats and Yachts  

If you own your personal high speed boat or yacht, sailing into the marina at Nice is possible. The only requirement would be to advise the local harbor authorities of your arrival. For others there are no cruises that come into the Nice waters but a ferry goes back and forth from Corsica.

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