Budget Travel Ideas in Nice

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When traveling to Nice Budget Travel deals will allow you to save money on various parts of your trip, which means you can spend more money doing the things that you enjoy. When looking for budget travel ideas you need to look beyond the obvious, knowing where to go to eat and enjoy the day is also important when saving money.


To save the most amount of money on your lodging you will want to stay away from the 5-star hotels. If you feel like staying in a hotel, you will want to check out the Comfort Hotel Boreal or the Hotel Roosevelt because they offer great rooms at great prices. Vacation rentals are another option, and you can find some that offer nightly rates as low as $86. Hostels are another option, but you have to be prepared to follow the rules set forth by each hostel.

Budget Airlines

How much you have to pay to fly to Nice is going to depend on where you are flying from. To save money on your flight to Nice you will want to look into the low budget airlines that fly from various cities. Some of the cheaper airlines that fly into Nice are Blue1 and Jet2.


The main way of travel through France is by rail. If you plan to visit other areas outside of Nice, you will want to look into purchasing a rail pass. The rail pass will save you money because you get a discounted rate when purchasing the pass compared to the price you pay on individual tickets. The rail pass will save you the most money on the long distance trip, but if you are plan to use rail travel only to travel to the next town, a round trip ticket is going to be cheaper. You want to avoid taking taxis if possible, and use public transportation instead.

Money Exchange

Do not exchange all of your money for euros before you arrive in France, but you will want to exchange some money at home so you have enough to get between the airport and your hotel. When in Nice never use a money exchange company to get euros because you will end up paying high fees. To exchange money in Nice you will want to withdraw euros from an ATM or use your credit card.


Going to the local cafes for breakfast is a great way to save money, much cheaper than eating breakfast at your hotel, unless breakfast is included in the cost of the room. Many hotels automatically charge for breakfast, so when you check in, inform them you do not want breakfast. This can even save you money on your hotel room. When eating out eat, make your big meal lunch because you will get the same food at a much cheaper price.

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