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When vacationing in France, be sure to visit the Southern port capital of Nice, located on the French Riviera. Here is a Nice Travel Guide that will give you a majority of the information you need to know about the city and what types of things you can do there while on holiday.

Top Nice Attractions

The city in itself is considered an attraction, with its Roman ruins and chateaus, medieval heritage, Russian Cathedrals, vibrant turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, scrumptious dining and art-deco architecture in hues of pinks, greens, blues and yellows. Visit Old Nice, or Vieux Nice in French, a popular area of the city with both locals and tourists, offering more historic buildings and architecture, many home-made cuisine restaurants, lots of boutiques for shopping, as well as a daily market where you can buy fresh flowers, foods, souvenirs and more. Walk the Promenade des Anglais in the heart of the city, active with both locals and tourists and lined with lush palm trees, located right next to the beautiful beaches. Nice also has a variety of museums to visit including the Matisse Museum, the Cimiez Museum of Archeology, the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum and the Russian Church.

Requirements, Language and Currency

Any tourist will need a passport to visit Nice, but you won't need a visa if you will be staying there less than 90 days. French is of course the official language, but English is the universal second language spoken in many areas of the country. US dollars and traveler's checks are not accepted regularly in France and it would be wise to either have your funds exchanged into Euros or utilize any major credit card.

What to Expect when Visiting?

Nice is a popular destination city for honeymooners, couples and sun-worshipers, and has many accommodations ranging from quaint budget prices to quite elegant. The weather in Nice has been called a perfect holiday paradise by some - not too warm and not too cold. Summer temperatures will range in the 70's and 80's, typical of the warm Mediterranean area. The beaches seem to go on forever and the waters are warm and soothing, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sailing or parasailing.

The Nice Carnaval

Much like the New Orleans Mardis Gras, Nice's Carnaval celebration is a ten-day festival featuring concerts, daily parades, street theater and more. This festival dates back to the Middle Ages, and every year people from all over the world attend to take part in this wild celebration on the breathtaking French Riviera.

Some say it is not the hottest spot anymore but many stars have bought houses and villas along the coast ('French Riviera' is one of the most beautiful coast lines in Europe). Especially in spring it is a great place to be due to its mild climate... And there is much more to do. There's a higher density of museums in Nice than in many comparable French cities. If you decide to forgo the pleasures of the pebbly beach and devote your time to visiting some of the best-respected museums in the south of France. The "authentic" Nicoise live in Vieille Ville, the Old Town, beginning at the foot of "the Rock" and stretching out from place Massena. Sheltered by sienna-tiled roofs, many of the Italianate facades suggest 17th-century Genoese palaces. The old town is a maze of narrow streets, teeming with local life and studded with the least expensive restaurants in Nice. Buy an onion pizza (la pissaladiere) from one of the local vendors. Many of the old buildings are painted a faded Roman gold, and their banners are multicolored laundry flapping in the sea breezes. And there are many more sights not to be missed. Check them out.


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