Cote d'Azur Travel Guide

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Cory Michalyshyn

The name Côte d’Azur for one of France’s most southern region becomes clear as soon as one arrives at the southern coastline of France. This is where the sky-blue sea beats against the stone beaches and where purple coloured Bougainville crawls up the discoloured walls of charming old houses. Thriving cities such as Nice , with its abundance of museums, and fashionable Marseille are facing the Mediterranean sea.

With its Mediterranean climate, The Côte d’Azur attracts people from far and near. After a visit to the hilly inlands with the olive trees and old villages, most people head for some sunny days at the seaside. And not in the least to see how the jet set arrive with their fancy boats in general charming harbour where life is all about seeing and being seen.

People who still have a lot of money left, and who are in for some adventure, can’t miss out on Cannes , also known for its yearly film festival, where you might make a fortune that paves the road for the mini state Monaco .

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