Cruises in France

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France is a classy and unique place to take a cruise. From Provence to Paris, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Most cruises range from 7 to 14 nights and can cost anywhere from $1000 to $2500 per passenger. Most also offer land excursions, featuring tours of wineries, city tours, monuments excursions, and visits to the beach. Overall, cruises to France are a great value, including everything you need for a luxury vacation.

Popular Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean offers several cruises stopping at various points in France, such as Villefranche, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Provence, and Paris. Some of the cruises stay near that area and last around 7 nights, while others are longer, transatlantic cruises. Some travel all around Europe. It all depends on how long you plan to travel and on what parts of the world you want to see. On a Royal Caribbean cruise, you can visit the gorgeous beaches and casinos around Villefranche, while in Cherbourg you can wander through the lush gardens or stop at La Cite de la Mer museum and aquarium. The ships of Royal Caribbean have many shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, and theaters for passengers to enjoy. Norwegian Cruise Lines also provides cruises that pass through several French ports. Prices range from about 1500 euro to 2500 euro.

Other Options

If you're not a fan of the large scale luxury cruises, there are other options. France Cruises offers more personalized cruises for fewer people. You can travel to Burgundy or Provence to see the St. Etienne Cathedral and the plentiful vineyards, or you can witness the breathtaking scenery of the Lavender Route. A three night cruise costs around $1700 and a 6 night cruise $2800. These cruises are pricey, but you are paying for the comfort and personalized service that comes with traveling in a small boat. Some of the cruises are only for 6 people. In addition, France Cruises also has Riverboat and Hotel Barge Cruises available, which also fit only a limited number of people. All of these cruises allow you to see the abundant natural beauty of France while relaxing aboard a comfortable and luxurious ship.

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private river yacht cruise in France

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Provence cruises is proud to introduce a new concept in Luxury yacht cruises .   As an answer to the inconvenient of sea cruises : sea sickness , thalassophobia ...   As an answer to an inadequate offer of private boat charter on the French rivers : Old barges , slow , built to cruise on canals not against the current :   Dario one a powerful and top luxury motor yacht offers  exclusive cruises on the Rhone and Saone river.   This 80 feet modern yacht can accommodate a maximum of 7 guests . All more..

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