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Cathedral St Gatien

Cathedral St Gatien

Kari Kangas

Tours is located on the banks of the Cher and the Loire river. But it's not just the setting that's great, the whole town is pretty. On the south bank of the Loire you find most of the sights close together in a small pedestrian area. Many charming old houses, old churches, a few interesting museums, nice quaint shops, bars and restaurants are all here.

The Cathedral is worth a visit as well. It is a ten minute walk form the pedestrian area in the old centre, along the Loire. It's at the other side of the Rue Nationale, the main street for shopping. On your way there you can also follow rue Colbert which has many trendy restaurants.

Tours also has a very impressive train station, a very grand palais de justice and many other interesting 19-th century government buildings.


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