Turku Travel Guide

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Joanna Kulaga

Turku used to be Finland’s capital but lost its position in 1812.
After a devastating fire in 1828, it had to rebuilt most of its houses and gradually became the thriving city it is at present. Still considered by many of its inhabitants as the one and only capital of Finland, it’s a modern university town (Finland’s first university was founded here). This means a lot of restaurants and an exciting nightlife scene.

However, Turku is proud of its past and has several museums dedicated to its glamorous and also tragic past. The Turku Castle and Cathedral, dating from the 13th century, are worth a visit. Not in the least because of the Historical Museum that is housed in the former.

Turku is also known as Finland's Christmas Town. This means that every year, for several weeks, Santa rules the city, including all the festivities and events that belong to it. There is even an annual official Christmas Declaration. Due to its location, it’s only a short ride to the sea, the small seaside towns and the outstretching fields in between.


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