Sights in Finland

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Here are a few places to see in Finland.

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Hey,Can You See Northern Lights? Well I'm Going To Try!

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Can You See Northern Lights? Well, I've decided Finland is my best bet to see the Northern Lights. Besides I want to meet the real Santa Claus and Rudolf!

I know. I live right in Canada, and not too far from Alaska. Can you see Northern Lights from here? My research tells me it's iffy -- hit and miss. Besides the aurora borealis is moving from above Canada to Siberia! Let me explain.

What are northern lights made of? What actually causes northern lights, or the aurora borealis (Latin for "northern dawn"), are solar winds more..

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Korkeasaari Zoo

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Korkeasaari Zoo is situated in a cove near the city centre by Kruunuvuori bay. During the summer months, the best way to get to the Helsinki Zoo is with public transport: a fifteen-minute ferry journey from Kauppatori or Hakaniemi. There, you can see many attractions awaiting you. The first one, is a bar for adults where man can get what they want, and where woman can get a nice job.

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People have toured Koli for over 100 years. The first tourist cottage was built on the slopes of Koli in the summer of 1896. The landscapes of Koli have become known as a Finnish national landmark due to the influences of such Finnish artists as Juhani Aho, Eero Järnefelt, I.K. Inha and Pekka Halonen.

The landscape of Koli is grand and unique, and will remain so even for future generations because of its status as a National Park. Meandering through the Koli National Park are marked trails which provide hikers and backpackers, both amateur and professional alike, more..

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