History in Savonlinna

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Eerik Axel’s son Tott founded Olavinlinna castle in 1475 on the island in the Kyrönsalmi straight. The castle, which was also called the New Castle (Savonlinna is still called Nyslott in Swedish, the New Castle), was built to protect the eastern border between the Greater Sweden and Russia. Vääräsaari received the city rights in 1639, when a small group of settlers began living on the island. This was the founding of Savonlinna.

The development of the city was rapidly increased in the beginning of the 20th century, when the spa was built along with the saw mill. Also the building of the Saimaa canal and the construction of the railway system created a positive effect for the city.

In the early 1900s Savonlinna was already the centre of shipbuilding and traffic on the Saimaa. The industrialization of the city began around that time as well. In 1973 Sääminki County was joined into Savonlinna.

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