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Porvoo harbour

Porvoo harbour

Eric Toonen

These days, Porvoo is a thriving town with a chemical, graphical and electrotechnical industry and at the same time the second oldest city in Finland. It has a well preserved medieval city heart with small streets and red coloured warehouses that stretch out along the riverside. Amongst its museums is the Johan Ludvig Runeberg museum dedicated to Finland’s greatest national poet. Located at a 50 kilometres’ distance from Helsinki, Porvoo can be easily reached by bus or by boat (during summer time).

If you visit Helsinki by a cruise ship, try to take a shore excursion which includes Porvoo. Porvoo is a lovely old city and the old section of the city is situated on a river with old cobblestone roads and quaint shops. Visit the chocolate shop as they give out free samples.


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