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Saimaa Canal

Saimaa Canal

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Located at the south-west point of lake Saimaa, Lappeenranta has served a important role as a bridge between the Finnish and Russian cultures for over 350 years. Nowadays, its strategic position makes it an ideal environment for hi-tech companies with an eye on the Russian market.

City of Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta is a friendly town of great natural beauty with 58,000 inhabitants. It is the administrative, commercial and cultural centre of South Karelia, and a hub of lakeside tourism.

Lappeenranta has many nicknames, including the Town of Lindens, Cavalry Town, Gate to Lake Saimaa, Gateway to the East… Naturally, each appellation has its roots in the history of the town. For example, the first linden trees were planted in the parks of Lappeenranta in the 1780s, today nearly 2,600 lindens line the streets of the town. The centuries old cavalry tradition continues with the cavalrymen riding through the streets of the town dressed in red trousers and elaborately embroidered jackets. The Fortress, with its museums, craftsmen's shops and cafés breathes history. Every day, around ten ships depart from the harbour, heading for the labyrinth of islands on Lake Saimaa or through the Saimaa Canal.

Winter in Lappeenranta is a lively and active season. A rich variety of theatre performances and concerts, excellent accommodation, fascinating museums and magnificent opportunities for outdoor activities, seasoned with Karelian hospitality, make Lappeenranta an all-year-round tourist destination. Well-kept cross country skiing tracks start from the centre of the town, with many skiing events to enliven the atmosphere in the late winter.  

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