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Kirkko in Ilomantsi

Kirkko in Ilomantsi

Ilomantsi, located 72 kilometers towards the eastern region of Joensuu is the hub of a captivating faction of Finland that offers a stunning portrait of Karelian Orthodox mores and lifestyle. The Ilomantsi Travel Guide offers viewers a helpful preview of the culture, attractions, history and accommodation options of this indigenous region.


The culturally distinct Karelians pose as brilliant subjects for a fascinating journey of acculturation discovery in this reticent region that underplays its wild charm. Ilomantsi is full of nature based adventure activities like hiking, trail-walking and bicycle exploration trails along with a line-up of other action-packed and adrenaline pumping sports. True-blue nature enthusiasts will revel in the expansive wilderness and abundant lush reserves. The people in Ilimantsi are extremely amiable and make excellent hosts, while offering travelers a chance to excavate their mystifying culture. The local Praasniekks festivals are very popular events and are frequented by tourists for their colorful spirit and cultural gaiety. It raises a fitting toast to the heritage and tempestuous streak of Ilomantsi. The areas around the town are actually more appealing than the centre of the town itself and travelers are often spotted going on an intense exploration spree around the adjacent belts of Ilomantsi.

Things To do

The major forms of recreation in this deceptively nondescript town are hiking and bicycle trailing. The best place to go on a super exciting adventure trail is the Lieksa region along route 522. Ruunna rapids is a great location for fishing, rafting and canoeing. Expert guides are available to help you befriend the high paced water sports. The ancient bardic village of Parppeinvaara with its Kalavela memorabilia and live local music makes for a good visit. Visitors can also pick up some saporous wine at the famous Hermanni winery. There are other memorable attractions to visit like the picturesque Hattuvaara village in Lieksa and an old prayer house that has its roots in the 18 th century. Pay homage to the war heroes of the region at the Fighter’s House monument raised to acknowledge the gallantry of veteran war heroes. The privately owned museum on the Ilomantsi-Lieksa road displays nice rustic exhibits.


Ruhkaranta is an unassuming and homely tourist village with charming cottages amidst an idyllic pine forest setting on the shore of Lake Muokonjarvi. The cottages are well-equipped while retaining their rudimentary appeal. Hotelli-Ravintola Ilomantsi is another good value for money option with clean rooms.

For witnessing a hybrid cultural legacy and breath-taking natural wilderness with umteen nature based adventure activities, Ilonatsi is a smart visit.


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