Top 5 Must Do's in Helsinki

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The capital and most populous city in Finland, Helsinki, is the center for culture, business and education in the country. Sitting on the Baltic Sea, it is one of the fastest growing metro areas in all of Europe and has a deep rooted history that is interesting to explore on a trip to the city. Here are the top 5 ways to spend your trip to Helsinki:

1: Helsinki Suomenlinna Castle
Suomenlinna is a group of small islands that sits guard to the city harbor. In the 1700s an impressive fortress was begun and then further expanded throughout the 1800s under Russian rule. Military use was stopped about 30 years ago and today about 900 people live on the small island. Take a ferry from the market square to get there and explore the castle and its environs.

2: Temppeliaukion Kirkko (Rock Church)
This modern church shows the simplicity of Finnish design in its truest form. Carved from a rock with a beautiful copper dome, this church is known for its clean lines, open space, and natural wood and rock colors. Located in the eastern area of the city, the church is centrally located and easy to find.

3: Helsinki Seurasaari Open Air Museum
Located on an island just a few kilometers from Helsinki, the museum is easily reached by public transport. Along with being host to a nice open air museum made up of buildings from all over Finland depicting all sorts of Finnish architecture, the island is a great place to walk or run and just enjoy some fresh air. During holidays and summer there are many events here as well as interesting handicraft demonstrations.

4: National Museum of Finland

This is the largest historical museum in Helsinki and offers a large collection dating from prehistoric times to the 21st century. The actual building that the museum is housed in is a tourist attraction itself, as it is a romantic style neo-medieval castle. This museum will give you a comprehensive overview of the history of the country and its people.

5: Helsinki Kauppatori
This is a great market to explore if you are in Finland in the summer. Enjoy some great Finnish delicacies such as salmon or even reindeer for lunch while basking in the sun and fresh air. This is a nice break from sightseeing and a great opportunity to catch a free concert on the Eslanadi or just relax, feel the breeze and take in some Finnish culture.

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