Top 5 Must Do's in Faroe Islands

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The Faroe Islands sit between Scotland and Iceland, where the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean meet. There are 18 major islands that you can visit in this autonomous province, but most attractions are located on the main island of Streymoy, though you'll notice that the old houses and scenery are almost as amazing as anything else to be seen. This guide will give you some information on the must-do's of the Faroe Islands.

5. Skansin - This is a fort built in the capital of Tórshavn in 1580 to protect the city from pirates. It is a beautiful spot to walk around with the lush green grass and overlooks the ocean.

4. Havnar Kirkja - The Tórshavn town church built in 1788, was rebuilt in 1865 with new additions. It represents the old architecture of many of the buildings which is both simplistic and colorful. Today it is still the seat of the bishop of the Faroe Islands and has been since 1990.

3. Nólsoy - This is both the name of the island and the village situated on it. From the capital of Torshavn, you can access this island via a 20-minute ferry ride. Nólsoy is a bird watcher's paradise. The largest colony of Storm Petrels (a type of small sea bird) are located here. On the southern part of the island there are two capes each with a lighthouse. Houses are much cheaper here than in Torshavn, so many of those from the city have moved to this small village since it is still only 20 minutes away from work and whatever else needed.

2. Summer Festival - If you are able to make it to the Faroe Islands in August, this is the place you want to be. It takes place in the small town of Klaksvik and has many large national and international bands that play. Ticket prices vary. Check out their website for a current list of acts.

1. Nordic House - This is a building that was designed to represent Nordic (Scandinavian) culture. Numerous Scandinavians offered designs for the contest of what would best represent their heritage and a Norwegian man and Icelandic woman won. The building opened in 1983 and houses many cultural events and exhibitions that alternate often. People from all over Scandinavia come to see the Norwegian slate ramps, Swedish pine floors, Danish ash hall and numerous other Scandinavian materials used to accent this popular attraction.

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