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Akraberg, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Akraberg, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Eileen Sandá

Sumba is the southernmost village in Suðuroy. It is situated on the south-western end of Suðuroy. The North Atlantic Ocean is rough near Sumba. There is a islet, called Sumbiarholmur, just a few hundred metres south of Sumba. Further south there are 4 rocks, which are called Flesjarnar, one of them is lying by itself, and is called Munkurin (The Munk) or Sumbiarsteinur. One of the most famous poets in the Faroe Islands was Poul F. Joensen from Sumba. He often mentioned Beinisvørð, which is a vertical cliff, when you see it from the sea and a green steep mountain, when you see it from the village Sumba. Beinisvørð is the second highest vertical sea cliff in the Faroe Islands with its 469 meters rising from the sea. You can drive to Hesturin and watch Beinisvørð or walk up to the top and admire the amazing west coast of Suðuroy. The population of Sumba is around 250. Only 2 km east of Sumba is the southernmost tip of Suðuroy, which is called Akraberg. There is a lighthouse there, which was built in 1909, vertical cliffs and rich birdlife.


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