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The Museum in Sandvík, a historical home, built in 1866.

The Museum in Sandvík, a historical home, built in 1866.

Eileen Sandá

Sandvík is the northernmost village in Suðuroy. The only entrance to Sandvík is through an old road tunnel. As the name indicates, Sandvík has a large sandy beach. There are three monuments in Sandvík: One is in memory of Martin Joensen, which was a famous writer from Sandvík, famous in the Faroe Islands, that is. There is one monument near Sigmundsgjógv in memory of the viking cheaf Sigmundur Brestisson, who escaped from his enemies by swimming from the island Skúvoy to Sandvík in Suðuroy, but after swimming that long way, he was killed by the local Torgrímur Illi (The Mean Torgrim). Sigmundur Brestisson was the man who brought christianity to the Faroe Islands around year 1000. Another monument is in memory of the men who lost their lives in a boat accident in 1915, the so-called Skaðagrindin. There is a local museum in the historical home "Húsið uttan Ánna", which means the House East by the River. The house has turf roof, it is made by wood and is only painted outside: black and white. The house was built in 1866. The population of Sandvík is around 100.


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