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Hvalba, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Hvalba, Suðuroy, Faroe Islands

Eileen Sandá

Hvalba is a village in Suðuroy, Faroe Islands. The population is around 620. Hvalba is situated in the northern part of the island, between Trongisvágur and Sandvík. Hvalba used to be the largest village in Suðuroy and one of the largest villages in the Faroe Islands, now it is the third largest in Suðuroy. Suðuroy is the only island where coal can be found, and Hvalba is the only village in the Faroe Islands, which still has active coal mining. Hvalba was attacked by pirates in the early 17th century, people were killed and some were kidnapped. In 2009 old human bones were found in Hvalba, they were excamined, and the results show, that they are from a person, which lived in year 1000.


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