Fámjin Travel Guide

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Famjin Suduroy Faroe Islands

Famjin Suduroy Faroe Islands

Eileen Sandá

Fámjin is a village in Suðuroy, which is the southernmost of the islands in the Faroe Islands. The original Faroese flag, which was made in 1919 by a young Faroese student from Fámjin, while he was studying in Copenhagen, is hanging inside the church in Fámjin. The village is charming and has beautiful surroundings, a place called Prestgjógv is a gorge just a few steps away from the village, just follow the road, this place is where the road ends. You find Fámjin by driving to Øravík, which is a small village on the east coast, it is just south of the ferry port Krambatangi, a sign point to the direction of Fámjin, which is one of two villages, which are located on the the west coast, all the other villages are located on the east coast. The west coast has high vertical sea cliffs almost everywhere in Suðuroy. Above the village Fámjin there is a lake, which is called Kirkjuvatn (The Church Lake). It is not far to walk from Fámjin, and it is quite popular to go for a hiking trip up to Kirkjuvatn. There is a café in Fámin, which is open in summertime and on request. The café is much visited in the summer by tourists, Faroese and foreign. Not that Suðuroy is overrun by tourists, it is not at all many tourists who find their way to Suðuroy, and when they do, they often feel very welcome.


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