Getting There in Faroe Islands

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The Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands that sit between Scotland, Iceland and Norway. The islands have a population that is 91 percent native Faroese whose language, also entitled Faroese, is 1 of the last 2 West Nordic languages in existence--the other being Icelandic and the extinct language, Norn. Most tourists are drawn to the Faroe Islands for the lush, green scenery and the antique surroundings. You can get to the Faroe Islands by both boat and plane. Don't forget that most websites are priced in DKK (Denmark Kroner), which is .2 of a US dollar or .13 of a euro.

By Air

The Faroe Islands have their own airline, Atlantic Airways. Planes fly out from many major European countries and visitors can also book a hotel through the site--which is a good idea because budget accommodations are not available on the Faroe Islands and any deal you can get would likely be helpful. Atlantic Airways also has a helicopter service that can transport you to other parts of the Faroe Islands. Air Iceland flies to the Faroe Islands as well as to numerous towns in Iceland and Greenland.

By Sea

To arrive to the capital of Torshavn by boat from Iceland or Denmark, use the Smyril Line, who services these countries regularly. If your destination is not Torshavn but another village in the Faroe Islands, you can arrive at the capital on a Smyril Line ship and take a Strandfaraskip Landsins domestic ferry to wherever you need to go. These ferries are also a good way to see the untouched nature of the Faroe Islands.

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