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The town of Põlva is situated in the South-East of Estonia and is an administrative center of the Põlva County. There are approximately 6500 inhabitants living in the city, more than 230 companies operating, educational establishments as well as high-quality culture, sport and medical services. The town is an excellent place for working and living because of the cozy and healthy living environment, security, youthful activities and dynamic enterprises. About 70 percent of all industrial goods of the county are produced in the city.

Põlva welcomes visitors and tourists. The diverse and virgin nature around the city allures both active holidaymakers and those who enjoy birdsong. Põlva is also suitable for the visitors who are looking for an accommodation and meals or a quiet walk amid culture and traditions.

Area: 5.5 km2
Population: 6,440 (01.01.2005)
Average age of inhabitants: 36
Number of companies: 237 companies (2003)
Educational institutions: 8 educational institutions with 2,390 students

The coat of arms of the City of Põlva represents a cock from an ABC book with a pointer along with two flax flowers which symbolise the continuity of traditions and striving for education and knowledge.

Põlva City Government
Address: Kesk 15, Põlva 63308
Phone: +372 799 4596
Fax: +372 799 4778
E-mail: info@polvalv.ee

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