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Baškiiri kangelane Salavat Julajev (Салауат Юлаев)

Baškiiri kangelane Salavat Julajev (Салауат Юлаев)


Paldiski is a small town with 4000 people and with a very interesting history.

The town was occupied by the Soviet Union (CCCP) for about 50 years! It was a large military base and a leading training center of the Soviet nuclear submarine forces. When Estonia regained independence, the base was closed, and most servicemen and their families returned home to Russia.

Paldiski is today a very perspective area for the development of transit, industry and tourism and a training-center for Estonian peacekeeping forces… Here are many former military buildings and bases remaining.

By the end of year 2004, the construction of a wind farm has been started at Paldiski. Today it provides clean and renewable electricity equivalent to ca. 1% of Estonia’s electricity consumption.

You should really come and look at Paldiski Nature nature, and Pakri Cliff is Very interesting and unique in North Europe and all over the world!l

Paldiski was mentioned in the Swedish movie "Torsk på Tallinn."

More information about Paldiski can be found on the official tourist information website of Estonia:


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