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Kõpu lighthouse

Kõpu lighthouse

Tuuli Tammla


Age-old Kõpu Lighthouse is standing on top of the hill like a buxom woman with a red braid and a sparkling eye. Six thousand tons of stones and a height of 36 meters speak for themselves.

The story of the lighthouse started more than 500 years ago, when the Hanseatic Merchants League needed an effective seamark, as the merchants complained that ships were getting lost in the Baltic Sea. It is no wonder then, that the Council of the City of Tallinn bargained permission to construct the seamark from the Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek. The location was set down to the range of Andrusemäe hill and the final agreement of construction works was concluded in 1500. Nowadays that highest hill in Hiiumaa is called Tornimägi (Tower Hill, 68 m). But the islanders who earned their everyday living as wreckers were not as interested in the seamark as they were worried about the bounty from the sea diminishing...

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Tahkuna lighthouse

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The Tahkuna lighthouse has been continously serving as a navigational beacon here for over 100 years. It was built in Paris in 1874 and stands over 40 meters tall. If you would like to go to the top, it is usually open or you can get the key from the lighthouse keeper.Tahkuna lighthouse was brought to Hiiumaa by freighter along with its sister lighthouse that now stands on the western tip of Hiiumaa. It is believed that the two lighthouses were switched around and placed in the wrong locations by mistake. The Tahkuna lighthouse, which is slightly taller, should have been put in more..

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address:tahkuna village, Hiiumaa
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