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Drum (bridge) of Kärdla

Drum (bridge) of Kärdla

Tuuli Tammla

Hiiumaa - the Island of The Daylight (Dagö).

An island in the Baltic Sea, second biggest in Estonia with 10 000 sq kilometers and 320 km of shoreline.  Among which there are kilometers long sandy beaches along the coastline of Tahkuna and Kõpu peninsulas.

Some 455 million years ago a circular archipelago approximately 10km in diameter formed in the vicinity of present-day Kärdla as a result of a meteorite impact. These islands were the first in the Hiiumaa area and the date of their formation makes Hiiumaa one of the oldest islands in the world.

Around the island there are more than 200 islands and islets have no flora and fauna for they have only recently merged from the sea. Some of them are aforrested.

Thanks to the surrounding sea, the climate on Hiiumaa is a bit different from the one on the continent. There are more sunny days with and less rainy days.

The inhabitants of Hiiumaa are peaceful and tolerant by character and . They live close to nature, love it and are children of nature in their soul. The most important thing is to have a sense of humor - people of Hiiumaa love jokes.

In many senses Hiiumaa is too rich to be thoroughly experienced during a one-time short visit. And to tell you the truth, it could never be totally experienced and will remain inexhaustible. One should only truly wish to experience all the endless richnesses of Hiiumaa

More information about Hiiumaa can be found on the official tourist information website of Estonia (http://www.visitestonia.com/en/articles/destinations/the-islands/hiiumaa) and Hiiumaa (http://www.hiiumaa.ee).

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: www.hiiumaa.ee


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